July 18, 2016

Pocket Bite RPG

I'm a huge fan of DnD but I can never gather enough people on a consistent basis to play! That and the approach of a long flight back home got me thinking what a single-player DnD would look like. Well unfortunately I couldn't tell you... I never came up with a solution to that and I'm not sure there is. Once you remove the group element from a game like DnD, it becomes an entirely different experience. Most single player RPGs are heavily authored and aren't as open to the kind of expression and creativity you expect in a tabletop RPG. So having come to that conclusion, I still wanted to make something of the design I had started.

Introducing Pocket Bite! It's a little bite-sized RPG that is easy to learn and easy to play. It works just like your classic pen and paper RPG only there is much less preparation and calculations involved allowing more room for storytelling. At least this is my hope for the game. It's still in its alpha stages and I haven't done all that much play testing yet.

In addition to the rule set, I also made a little application that will eventually stand in for the pens and paper generally used to track characters and campaigns. Right now it simply lets you build a character and track all of their stats and items. This too is in it's early stages so it's missing a lot of functionality that would really make it essential for this game. I have a lot of plans for this RPG and the application so until I really go into production on it, everyone is free to take a look at the rules and try out the application all available on the site I made!

Since this time I was doing all the design and scripting, I decided to skip the art and use an asset pack to speed things along. I ended up getting this awesome "Roguelike" 1-bit sprite pack made by Bungie game director, Christopher Barrett! Coincidentally, my friend Dima currently works with him there. The sprites are just awesome and fit this project perfectly. If you like the style, you can check out it and other packs on their site.