November 8, 2016

Sprout Landscape

The first big goal Alex and I set out to accomplish for this game was to create the open world landscape the player will be able to explore. We both wanted to make sure the environment felt just as much alive as the creatures who lived there so we didn't move on until we had a good foundation built. Much of the work was put into designing and scripting a good day cycle. There were a lot of tones and visuals I wanted to include for each phase of the day so the script was adjusted to accommodate that. Alex also made it really artist friendly so I could easily adjust color and weather values until we had something that looked right.

I'm really happy with the results! When you jump into the game, the weather patterns and day cycle create something unique each time and it makes for some great in-game photography. There is still a lot to tweak but for now it's at a good point to where we can move on. Our next step is a bit more daunting: I said before we wanted to make the environments feel alive; well now we need to bring the creatures to life!